Step Ayya remanded in custody for 15 days

Ali Shahid (Step Ayya). (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

Ali Shahid (Step Ayya), who was arrested on Tuesday for unlawfully restraining and robbing a person, has been remanded in custody of the police for 15 days.

The 43-year-old former actor is accused of involvement in unlawfully restraining a man in a house in Male’ City, beating him up, and forcing him to transfer the money in his bank account.

He was presented before the Criminal Court for his remand hearing on Wednesday.

The court remanded him into custody of the police for 15 days, citing sufficient evidence against him, including the statement of the victim, who told investigators that Step Ayya had been involved in the crime.

Meanwhile, Step Ayya told the court that the crime had been carried out by others, and that he had arrived at the scene after the fact.

He said that it had been he who reported the crime to the police.

The incident was reported to the police on August 4.

During Wednesday’s hearing, the police told the court that they found the cash card of one of the people who the victim was forced to transfer money to, in Step Ayya’s possession.

The police had made a public announcement seeking the whereabouts of Step Ayya in a separate case earlier this month.

According to police, he was a person of interest in a forgery case under investigation by the economic crimes department.

However, he was seen out in public, in various campaign events organized by political parties for the presidential election.

Step Ayya, who became a household name as an entertainer, was later seen mostly in politics.