President: Additional three hectares than planned to be reclaimed from Ungoofaru

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu chairs a cabinet meeting. (Photo/President's Office)

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu states an additional three hectares of land than currently planned will be reclaimed from R. Ungoofaru.

He made the remark while responding to concerns by a resident of R. Ungoofaru, Ahmed Shiyam, regarding the reclamation works underway at the island on the ‘Raees ge Javaabu’ series on Sunday; a platform that enables the public to get direct responses to their queries and concerns from the President. 

“A pledge was made during the presidential election to reclaim the island to the largest extent possible. However, reclamation, at present, is set to proceed to the extent planned before. Therewith, we are extremely concerned regarding this,” Shiyam said, conveying concern on behalf of the Ungoofaaru residents.

In response, President Muizzu said he would fulfill his pledges, as made.

He affirmed that the island will be reclaimed to the greatest extent possible.

“As I pledged, the island will be reclaimed to the greatest extent possible. By reclaiming by including an additional three hectares to the existing scope will address the concerns by the residents as noted by Shiyam as it would mean reclamation of the lagoon to the largest extent possible,” he said.

The reclamation of Ungoofaru was contracted to MTCC in early 2021.

The scope of the projects involves the reclamation of 10 hectares of land, the construction of a 1,150-meter rock boulder development and the construction of 75 meters of groynes.