National Apprenticeship Program participants graduate

At the convocation ceremony of the National Apprenticeship Program --

All 43 participants of the 'National Apprenticeship Program' by the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Information and Arts has graduated.

The Minister of Youth Empowerment Ibrahim Waheed handed over the convocation certificates to the graduates at a ceremony held in Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and Spa on Sunday.

With 43 participants graduating from the program, 21 of them have already secured their employment in various organizations already.

The graduated fields under the apprenticeship program include;

  • National Certificate 3 in Front Office
  • National Certificate 3 in Housekeeping
  • National Certificate 3 in Laundry Service
  • National Certificate 3 in Commercial Cookery
  • National Certificate 3 in Pastry and Bakery
  • National Certificate 3 in Life Guarding
  • National Certificate 3 in Barista
  • National Certificate 3 in Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Food and Beverage Services

The apprenticeship program was organized and executed with the assistance of Maldives Institute of Technology as well.

The program aims to enhance the skills and develop the capacity of individuals in professional fields, training them to a government-recognized standard. Besides this, the national certificate of achievement will be handed over to the graduates after assessing if they have completed all necessary competencies under the National Competency Based Training Standard.

The apprenticeship program encourages a reliance of foreign professionals and produce locals capable to fulfill various professional roles. 

The government launched the program to enhance employment opportunities for trained and skilled local professionals, to encourage local youth to pursue stable living.