Shavan receives running blades as promised

Shavan presented with a running blade. (Photo/Ahmed Mahuloof)

Ahmed Shavan Mohamed from HDh. Makunudhoo has received a running blade and efforts have begun to provide him with the opportunity to train in neighbouring India.

Despite having special needs, the boy captured the hearts of Maldivians by proving that he can do anything he puts his mind to, no matter what.

The Minister of Youth and sports, Ahmed Mahloof said that on the International Day of Disabled Persons, providing Shavan with a running blade is what made him happiest.

He further said that the aim is to make Shavan the first running blade athlete from Maldives and to achieve that the next step is to train in India.

The Secretary general of the Paralympics Committee, Ahmed Mohamed told Sun that the running blade was given to Shavan by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, with regards from Minister Mahloof.

Shavan presented with a running blade.

Ahmed elaborated that the technical work of this project is being carried out as a joint venture between the Paralympics Committee and the Maldives Association of Persons with Disabilities (MAPD).

He went on to say that the aim of all three organizations is not to just provide Shavan with a running blade but to help him acclimate to using it and give him opportunities to go forward and achieve more with its help.

Noting that so far, Shavan has been presented with the running blade, he said that the condition of his legs was assessed and measurements were taken as well. He added that all the preparations for Shavan to begin his training will be completed before he begins his journey to India.

The next rung in the ladder would be Shavan’s rehabilitation and giving him a feel for his new leg.

Ahmed Mohamed also said that Shavan was in need of such assistance and that its difficult to describe the joy that lit up his face as he received the blade.

Shavan has proved that he wants to be on equal footing with his peers on sporting fields and in life, Ahmed highlighted.

As per him, this venture is a step forward in achieving a shared dream between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Paralympic Committee, the dream being Shavan becoming the first running blade athlete of the Maldives.

Concluding, Ahmed said that he knows there will be more talented kids across the country just like Shavan, who want to pursue a career in sports despite disabilities, and requested anyone interested in such an opportunity to contact the Paralympic Committee or send a video to the Committee with the contact information. If such a child is identified, the Paralympic Committee, along with any related organization, will work to provide the child with opportunities as well.

Ahmed Shavan Mohamed, who gained the public’s attention after he was seen playing football with his peers in a tournament hosted by his school on December 8, was born with his right leg until his knees only.

Shavan playing football.

The day following Shavan’s video being uploaded to social media, Mahloof met the inspirational boy and promised to provide a prosthetic leg or a running blade so that Shavan can fulfil his desire of playing sports. Mahloof has fulfilled his promise and given Shavan running blades.