Mahloof: Projects stalled because contractors overburdened with work

Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof responds to questions at the Parliament on April 12, 2023. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof, on Wednesday, stated that projects are stalled because contractors are overburdened with work.

At Wednesday’s parliamentary sitting – Thimarafushi MP Abdulla Riyaz questioned the minister regarding why Th. Veymandoo Youth Centre project had been stalled.

In response – Minister Mahloof underscored his ministry undertakes an abundance of projects of which some have been stalled over the overburdened workload. On this note, he detailed that the failure to complete the project within the timeframe stipulated in the contract despite the contractors’ efforts has resulted in the nullification of the contract following which the project has been handed over to Veymandhoo Council.

Minister Mahloof, stressing contractors are overburdened with work, explained that although contractors estimate projects can be completed within the granted time frame, they are unable to, in reality.

“I think projects are stalled because contractors are overburdened with work. When contractors are questioned when projects will be mobilized after failure to do so as scheduled – they will say next week, next month or that they will complete the work within the stipulated timeframe,” he detailed.

Nevertheless, Minister Mahloof said his ministry has successfully carried out more work than any other within the past four years. He emphasized contractors’ failure to carry out projects at the speed desired by the ministry and island residents resulting in subsequent delays in its completion as the biggest obstructions faced by ministry in its works.

He added that the ministry’s goal is to finish facilities developed in islands in line with the needs of the people.