Excuses and deadlines as Salman Mosque’s ACs remain unfixed

King Salman Mosque captured from outside. (Sun Photo/Mohamed Hayyan)

The air conditioning systems at King Salman Mosque, the biggest place of worship in Male’, have been out of service for a month, leaving prayer goers disgruntled.

The mosque’s ACs broke down in late October. Work to repair them didn’t begin until a week later.

Three out of four AC units used to cool the two floors of the mosque are out of service.

Islamic Ministry officials previously told Sun the there was no way to repair the ACs in Maldives, and that the parts needed for repair work weren’t available.

A week later, on November 13, Islamic Ministry’s spokesperson Ismail Afrah told Sun they had signed a contract with experts from Turkey to repair the ACs.

He said that work would begin as soon as the ordered parts arrived.

However, no work has been done in the two weeks since.

Islamic Ministry was not available for comment despite repeated calls to check for an update Saturday.

The broken ACs and the bad ventilation at the mosque is a great inconvenience to prayer goers, especially in the afternoon.

Many have taken to social media to complain over the delay in fixing the ACs.