Kudahuvadhoo citizens clash with Police – one arrested so far

A screenshot from a video that showed the clashes between people and Police in Kudahuvadhoo.

A protest in Kudahuadhoo over delays in transporting an individual who had a heart attack to the capital city Male’ heated up Tuesday morning, leading to clashes between the people and Maldives Police Services officers.

A person from the island who spoke to Sun revealed that during the clashes, one was arrested in the morning. The person also noted that the protests have since stopped.

Moreover, the individual revealed that the protest was ended after senior officials from Manta Air assured that would be arriving in Kudahuvadhoo on Wednesday, August 3 to hold discussions with the people at 16:00.

The island council said that despite having an airport, it is of no use when needed or during emergencies.

Council member Abdulla Jameel on Monday told Sun that this is not something that happens today or yesterday, adding that from the very beginning when the airport opened, to date, people have never been transported in a timely manner during emergencies.

“There is a huge airport here. It is in operation. Despite Manta Airline flights being scheduled – there are no other means to transport patients during emergencies to Male’ City. The residents have been talking about this since the start. Have complained as well. Approximately six years have passed since this is being talked about. Since the residents have had these concerns,” he had said.

The council also revealed that the patient who suffered a heart attack was brought to Male’ on Tuesday morning from a Maldivian flight.