HPA kicks-off ‘Madhiri Ho Ho” campaign against mosquitoes

Mayor of Male’ City Dr Mohamed Muizzu speaking at the ceremony held to inaugurate Health Protection Agency's ‘Madhiri Ho Ho’, in the greater Male’ region to reduce mosquito populations. (Photo / Male' City Council)

Health Protection Agency on Saturday commenced a campaign ‘Madhiri Ho Ho’, in the greater Male’ region to reduce mosquito populations.

The campaign is a joint effort of HPA and Male’ City Council, and was inaugurated by the Mayor of Male’ City Dr Mohamed Muizzu.

Speaking at the ceremony held in Hulhumale’, Dr Muizzu stressed the importance of the general public taking initiative in reducing the breeding of mosquitoes.

“This issue would not be solved with a state institution, school kids, MNDF or Police coming out on such a day and cleaning.”

He went on to state that the target for such events would be achieved only if it leads to the public taking initiative.

Additionally, he urged those working in the construction industry to take extra caution and clear out any breeding waters for mosquitoes on the sites.

“There needs to be some serious organized work done where those in the construction industry, particularly owners of construction companies are held accountable.”

Every year during the monsoon change, the population of mosquitos increases, leading to a surge in various diseases.

HPA has previously issued a warning against an increase in the number of dengue cases recently. The authority has also warned to be cautious and clear out any standing water bodies, and take all preventative measures.