Doctors give up hope that yesterday’s motorcycle accident victim will recover

Aminath Eman, 29, Vilimale’ member in the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Male’ City.

Doctors have given up hope that the woman severely injured after falling from a motorcycle in the suburban Hulhumale’ on Sunday, will recover.

The victim has been identified as 29-year-old Aminath Eman, who is the Vilimale’ member in the Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Male’ City.

Although some media outlets have reported that Eman had passed away, ADK Hospital had denied these reports.

The hospital’s Managing Director Ahmed Afaal told Sun that doctors have yet to declare Eman as dead. He stressed that she still has a pulse.

A police spokesperson said the accident was reported to the authorities at approximately 04:25 pm yesterday. The accident took place at Kuredhi Magu.

Having not regained consciousness, Eman was put on ventilator support last night.

At the time the accident had occurred, no one was around. Eman was only taken to the hospital, when a passerby had seen her 20 minutes following the accident.

A member of Male’ City’s WDC told Sun that the accident occurred as Eman failed to take note of a speed bumper on the road she was traveling on, due to its faded colors. The member further detailed that the fall was caused as she had driven across the bumper at a high speed.

“What happened was that, due to the faded colors of this bumper, she had assumed there was no bumper. She had driven at a high speed on the bumper, resulting her to be thrown off,” she had said.

Eman was transferred to ADK Hospital last night, after being treated at Hulhumale’ Hospital.

The member said that although Eman was somewhat breathing following treatment, she was still unconscious.

“One side of her skull is cracked, causing internal bleeding. She just has a pulse. There is no activity,” she had said.

A video of Eman circulated on social media platforms yesterday, which showed her to be severely bleeding as she lay fallen on the ground.