Contact made with missing Fuvahmulah dinghy

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) states contact has been made with a dinghy boat reported missing from Fuvahmulah after travelling out of the city on a fishing trip.

The dinghy departed Fuvahmulah on a fishing trip at approximately 04:30 am on Sunday, and was reported missing by a family member of one of the people who left on the dinghy on 10:40 am after they failed to make contact.

The report prompted MNDF Southern Area Coastguard Squadron to launch a search operation using a helicopter, Coastguard speedboat ‘Nooruddin’ and a sea ambulance.

A MNDF spokesperson said in the afternoon that the owner of the dinghy has made contact with the people on board the boat via phone.

The dinghy is travelling back to Fuvahmulah City.