Dinghy reported missing after leaving Fuvahmulah on fishing trip

Authorities are searching for a dinghy reported missing after departing Fuvahmulah City on a fishing trip.

According to Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), the dinghy departed Fuvahmulah on a fishing trip at approximately 04:30 am on Sunday.

The dinghy was reported missing by a family member of one of the people who left on the dinghy after they failed to make contact at approximately 10:40 am.

MNDF states the Southern Area Coastguard Squadron has been deployed to search for the missing dinghy.

The dinghy is 22 feet in length, and painted white with a red stripe.

MNDF states that a helicopter, Coastguard speedboat ‘Nooruddin’ and a sea ambulance is being used in the search operation.

The area where the dinghy left for and the exact number of people are unclear at this point, said MNDF.