49 guesthouses permitted to reopen

Tourists at the beach in K. Himmafushi. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A total of 49 guesthouses have been issued permits to commence operations, after the authorities permitted guesthouses in areas apart from the capital Male’ City, to operate on October 15. 

Tourism Ministry statistics show that guesthouses located in Addu City, K. Atoll, N. Atoll, A.A. Atoll, V. Atoll. 

Guesthouses were permitted to reopen in the following islands:

  • N. Fodhdhoo
  • K. Huraa
  • V. Fulidhoo
  • V. Thinadhoo
  • A. A. Mathiveri
  • K. Maafushi
  • A. A. Thoddoo
  • A. A. Ukulhas
  • K. Guraidhoo
  • A. A. Rasdhoo
  • K. Himmafushi
  • S. Feydhoo
  • S. Maradhoo-Feydhoo

Tourism Ministry statistics have also shown that the Maldives had welcomed more than 41,000 tourists, out of which 1,210 were recorded as guesthouse stays. The highest number of tourists was recorded at K. Maafushi with a total of 548 tourists. 

Stringent safety measures are requirements looked at by the Ministry when permitting guesthouses to operate. As such, mask wearing on islands with guesthouses in operation have been made mandatory. 

There are around 10,000 guesthouse beds in 86 different islands of the nation which is source of income for around 6,000 locals. 10 percent of tourist arrivals to the Maldives are for guesthouse stays.