Narudhoo council to grant special Ramadan allowances to its citizens

Sh. Narudhoo. (Photo/Sh. Narudhoo council)

Sh. Narudhoo council has decided to grant the citizens of Narudhoo special allowances for the month of Ramadan.

Member of the council Mohamed Nizar stated that in order to help reduce the cost of households in Ramadan, the council has decided to one sack of onions to all household.

He also noted that they will be providing the cable TV free for the month of Ramadan.

Nizar stated that the onion sacks and free cable TV would reduce help the cost in the 87 households of the island with a population of 647.

He stated that the council wanted to provide the citizens with some help to reduce the high costs that arise in Ramadan.

Several island councils are providing their citizens with free electricity and free cable TV for the month of Ramadan to help them with the costs of the month.