Parliament necessary for guaranteed pledge fulfillment: Pres

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu--

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu expressed he is fully confident the government will fulfill its pledges, and added the parliament majority was crucial to ensure this.

In the publicly open Q&A Program 'Raeesge Javab', a Male' City citizen asked how much the current administration can fulfill the pledges during the five-year term.

President Muizzu in response to this, expressed confidence his administration will deliver all the promises. He also said he aware of the process to achieve the pledges.

According to the president, the state has been successful in completing all the pledges under the 'Hafthaa-14' (Week-14) roadmap of objectives.

"For the next set of pledges, the parliament's role is crucial. We intend on passing multiple legislations, especially related to housing, urban development and with a legislative agenda encapsulating overall important areas," President Muizzu commented.

He argued that majority of the pledges can be fulfilled with proper budget allocations through the parliament, which was not achieved for the 2024 state budget.

Moreover, he said the parliament failed to allocate budgets for initiated projects as well.

"I am confident we can fulfill all of our pledges within the term, but there are certain requirements for that, with the top priority being parliament's support. Without the parliament support, the executive cannot constitutionally serve the public," the president added.

Additionally, he urged and hoped the support from independent commissions as well.

President Muizzu has been making strong efforts to garner support to the ruling party's objective for a parliament majority, including a recent door-to-door campaign.