Prices of watermelon, coconut surge

Watermelon grows in abundance ahead of Ramadan -- (Sun File Photo)

According to vendors and businesses, the prices of watermelon and coconuts have increased in the local market.

One of the vendors speaking to 'Sun' said watermelon is now sold for MVR 30 per kilo, while coconuts are now sold at MVR 70 per piece with smaller ones going at MVR 35 per piece.

On the other hand, prepared coconut drink bottles are now sold at MVR 180 per bottle.

Previously, watermelon were sold at just MVR 18 per kilogram, but the constant high-demand for the item against a decline in supplies has resulted in the price shooting up.

Vendors report the fresh watermelon supplies from AA. Thoddoo have almost run out, making the item less available than before.

Meanwhile, chili prices have dropped with a kilo sold at MVR 150, while 100 grams now sold between MVR 15 and 20. Collard green is now sold at a rate of MVR 10 for three leaves, while a bundle of kankun is sold at MVR 5.

Local vendors also confirm rates of carrot and cucumber remain unchanged. Carrots are sold at MVR 35 per kilogram while cucumbers are sold for MVR 30 per kilogram.

Sour mangoes are sold for MVR 100 per kilogram while imported mangoes from Thailand are sold at MVR 160 per kilogram.

Oranges and apples are sold at MVR 10 per piece, while they were previously sold at MVR 6 and 7 per piece; indicating a price jump.