Unified New Generation wins Dhiraagu EAFC Mini Series I

Team Unified New Generation wins the Dhigaaru EAFC Mini Series I on February 25, 2024. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

Team Unified New Generation has won Dhigaaru’s latest esports tournament, the EAFC Mini Series I.

With over 500 players, the EAFC Mini Series I took place as a three-day physical event at Dhiraagu headquarters, where supporters and the public were able to watch the matches live.

In addition to EAFC 24, Dhiraagu also held a Tekken Open tournament as well as EAFC Duos and Mortal Kombat challenges at the event.

The total prize pool of the event amounted up to MVR 40,000.

After some intense matches, the EAFC Mini Series I was won by Team Unified New Generation, with Team PND.XML as the runner-up. The third place of the tournament was taken by Team Unified Sports Club.

The Tekken Open tournament championship was won by player Mohamed Ashwan, with Ahmed Thaabish as the runner-up.

Gamers compete in the Dhigaaru EAFC Mini Series I on February 25, 2024. (Photo/Dhiraagu)

According to Dhiraagu, the EAFC 24 Mini Series I tournament is part of the telecom company’s efforts to carry out esport tournaments with different games for the Maldivian gaming community throughout the year.

Dhiraagu said the event was very well-received by the local gaming community, with many players expressing the importance of tournaments such as this to develop their skills and abilities, as well as to provide more exposure for different communities within the gaming scene.

Dhiraagu said it is committed to promoting esports in the Maldives, and working with the gaming community to take Maldivian esports to the next level.