Therapy to be made available to national athletes thrice a week

A capture from the inauguration ceremony of the Minimum Medical Requirements Facility at the Social Centre on January 15, 2024. (Photo/President's Office)

Sports Minister Abdulla Rafiu, on Monday night, said national athletes will have access to therapy three times a week with the new facility established to provide healthcare for athletes as part of the current administration’s first 100-day goals.

Speaking at the ceremony held at to inaugurate the Minimum Medical Requirements Facility at the Social Centre on Monday night – Minister Rafiu said the service was introduced with the aim of developing sports and providing a speedy resolution after identifying all the needs of athletes.

“A huge revolutionary change will be seen in the sport sector because of this service,” he added.

The Minister also expressed his belief that a national-scale service should exist for athletes in terms of healthcare for injuries they may sustain on the turf.

He said the facility inaugurated tonight will see the provision of time efficient medical care for serious injuries sustained by athletes. Additionally, he also noted that arrangements will be made for athletes to regularly undergo therapy starting Tuesday for which a special application will be introduced.

In this regard, he said the Maldives Olympic Committee will hopefully be introducing the application to athletes within this week, through which they can make appointments.

As the administration aims to establish similar facilities – Minister Rafiu noted that arrangements had been made to train first aid responders who will be based at such facilities in collaboration with the Olympic Committee.