Tiny population of Kurinbi raise MVR 200,000 for Palestine

HDh, Kurinbi, with a population of 764 people, has raised more than MVR 200,000 in aid to Palestinians.

The events, which ran from the 16th of last month till Sunday in Kurinbi, raised a total of MVR 235,235 for the fund. The money was handed over to the International Aid Campaign (IAC) today.

In this regard, the President of the Kurinbi Council, Abdulla Aslam, noting that the people of Kurinbi have always worked together in such matters, said the successful result of the raise this time is also attributed to the collaborative efforts of everyone from the island.

All government employees in Kurinbi have donated at least one day's salary to the fund as part of the activities held, he said.

In addition, they set up fund boxes on the island, went from house to house with the fund boxes, held a food exhibition and called locals working outside the island to secure donations, he said.

"The purpose of going from house to house with the fund box is as there are many children who cannot reach the box. When we did this, a lot of kids also put money in the box,” he said.

Kurinbi held similar events to help Palestine back in 2021 as well. That year, the people of Kurinbi raised MVR 164,509 in aid.

Aslam added that all the people of Maldives should participate in such activities and provide assistance to the Muslims in such difficult times. He also thanked the people of Kurinbi on behalf of the Kurinbi Council and all those involved in organizing the event.

Following the Israeli massacres against Palestinian civilians in Gaza on October 7, various activities are still being held in all parts of Maldives to raise funds for humanitarian aid to Palestinians.