Maldivian film stars kickoff campaign to aid Palestine

Maldivian showbiz stars have kicked off 'Insaaniyyatha Takkai' campaign to raise funds for Palestine on October 28, 2023. (Sun Photo)

Maldivian film stars have rallied up for a major campaign to raise funds for Palestinians that kicked off on Friday.

The campaign, ‘Insaaniyyathah Takai’, which translates to for the sake of humanity, kicked off during an event held in front of Olympus Cinema at 4:00pm. Household names that are presently in the industry and had previously been in the industry are participating in this campaign.

During the kickoff event, they donated money to the fund box placed near Olympus Cinema.

Speaking at the kickoff event, the chairperson of the organizing committee Yoosuf Shafeeu (Yoouppe) said the film industry wished to organize an extended event in order to aid the greatest number of people, with the participation of as many people as possible. He cited this as the main purpose of the event as well.

He noted that all funds and other aid raised for Palestinians throughout this campaign will be donated to Palestinians.

Apart from the fund box for donations – the campaign includes a film festival slated for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. The tickets for the film festival are placed at MVR 100, and all proceeds will go to the fund.

Maldivian film stars have kicked off 'Insaaniyyatha Takkai' campaign to raise funds for Palestine on October 28, 2023. (Sun Photo)

A children’s fair is slated for Saturday. Actress Mariyam Azza who is spearheading the event said the fair will feature various types of games, and on the sidelines, a jumble sale organized with donations from various parties.

Azza said the event is by no means targeted to be competitive. She praised the aid and donations put forth by everyone nevertheless, as it is for a good cause.

She also expressed interest in working alongside other interested individuals for the cause, adding that they had resolved to achieve this.

The ‘Insaaniyyathah Takai’ campaign will also feature a fishing race which is slated for November 3rd. All proceeds from the catches sold will be donated to the fund. In addition to this, various sorts of works will be sought from Male’ area to raise funds.