Second lunar eclipse of the year tomorrow night

January 2020: Lunar eclipse is photographed in Male' City. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Astronomical studies show that the first lunar eclipse of this year will take place tomorrow night.

As per the Islamic Ministry, the eclipse will begin at 23:01pm tomorrow night and conclude at 3:26am. It will peak at 1:14am.

The Ministry has requested all councils to make arrangements for congregational Salat ul-Kusuf or the eclipse prayer for 1:15am, at the largest mosque on the respective island.

A lunar eclipse takes place when the sun, earth, and the moon align, thereby, allowing the moon to pass in the earth's shadow.

The first lunar eclipse of this year took place on the night of May 5th. Islamic Ministry decided against holding congregational Salat ul-Kusuf back then as any part of the moon was not expected to completely lose light in the course of the eclipse.