Adhurey: Re-registration forms ‘fake’; govt. trying to steal election

PNC's leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) speaks to press outside the President's Office on June 19, 2023. (Photo/PPM)

PNC’s leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla (Adhurey) says that the more than 25,000 re-registration applications the Elections Commission (EC) received in two days were “fake forms.”

In a campaign rally in HDh. Kumundhoo on Sunday, Abdul Raheem said the situation has become dangerous, and that the current administration was “working at full speed to steal the election” following its loss in the first round of voting in the presidential election.

He said that steering committees in islands must keep a close watch on the re-registration process, and find out who re-registered, and who did not.

Abdul Raheem said that he finds over 25,000 people applying to re-register in just two days “highly improbable.”.

“This is not a figure we can accept. As you know, less than 20,000 people re-registered in the seven-day window last time,” he said.

Abdul Raheem claimed that the EC, too, has concerns about fake forms.

“I called the Elections Commission’s chairman Fuad Thaufeeq just now. Fuad said he was deeply concerned,” he said.

Abdul Raheem said that the administration must not be allowed to “steal” the election.

‘In Sha Allah, Dr. Mohamed Muizzu will win this election through popular vote. I have no doubt about this. Like they stole it in 2018 with India’s help, they are trying to steal this election too, with India’s help,” he said.

Abdul Raheem alleged that the fake forms are being produced from Dhiggaru MP Ikram Hassan’s office.

“They are trying to re-register enough people to win this election,” he said.

Abdul Raheem called on the EC to investigate the forms, and hold off on the election until it can ascertain the validity of the forms.

He also called upon the members and supporters of the opposition PPM-PNC coalition to gather outside the EC headquarters at 01:00 pm Sunday to raise concern over the issue.