SSTV to bring Eid al-Adha festivities from B.Dharavandhoo

SSTV and the Council of Baa Dharavandhoo signed an agreement for the live coverage of the festivities to be held in celebration of Eid al-Adha. (Sun Photo)

SSTV and the Council of Baa Dharavandhoo on Thursday signed an agreement for the live coverage of the festivities to be held in celebration of Eid al-Adha.

The agreement was signed during a special ceremony held at Sun Siyam Media.

Speaking at the gathering, the President of Dharavandhoo council Ali Sameeh noted that this Eid would be a unique one with grand festivities, and added that the people of the island come together for the celebrations since olden days.

He went on to note that the people were working to ensure this Eid is a colourful celebration, and those who visit the island have an energetic and satisfactory time. Sameeu also noted that the activities will be planned in a manner so that people of all ages can participate.

In this regard, he revealed that a special ‘Maali’ parade and a festival will be held for children. Other activities will be held for adults, including ‘Maali’ parade, and various other cultural activities.

Meanwhile, the Chief Content Officer of SSTV Mohamed Zaheen who also spoke at the ceremony said that they had recieved multiple requests from islands for Eid coverage. However, he highlighted that the request from Dharavandhoo was the very first one, and added that many activities have been planned by the island for Eid.

Zaheen assured that SSTV will bring a coverage of the festivities that will be satisfactory to the viewers.

In addition to this, during the same ceremony, Dharavandhoo Council and Bidhabin bonduberu group signed an agreement to perform during Eid celebrations.

Eid festivities are to begin on the night of Hajj Day, and will feature a firework display and will light a special fire. On the day of Eid, the activities will begin with Eid prayer in the morning, and will continue over the course of the next four days.

Club, organizations, island council and WDC are all joining together for the festivities, and will also have some of the other organisations and institutions joining in. This includes Fenaka, Dharavandhoo Airport and B.Atoll School.

The Council of Dharavandhoo on behalf of the island has invited all of Maldives to come and celebrate Eid with them.