HDC offers 10 plots from Hulhumale’ to develop apartments

Hulhumale' Phase II. (Sun Photo)

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has issued an invitation for bids for a project to develop and sell residential apartments in Hulhumale’.

The invitation for bids was posted by HDC last Thursday.

According to the post, HDC is offering 10 plots in Hulhumale’ for the project; two plots in Hulhumale’ Phase I and eight plots in Hulhumale’ Phase II.

The minimum bid price for the plots range from MVR 1,868 and MVR 2,731.

The size of the plots ranges from 1,657 square feet and 3,838 square feet.

The apartments developed under the project will be two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. Two-bedroom apartments must be at least 700 square feet, while three-bedroom apartments must be at least 900 square feet.

Developers are required to complete the basic finishing, facilities and parking in compliance with HDC’s guidelines.

Interested parties have been asked to submit proposals by 02:00 pm on June 9.

A virtual pre-proposal meeting will be held at 01:00 pm on May 12.