Public enraged over viral video showing a cat being strangled to death and dragged on road

Screenshot of viral video showing a cat being strangled to death with a rope and being dragged on the road afterward.

A video has gone viral which shows a cat being strangled to death by tying a rope around its neck, that is later used to drag the dead cat on the road.

The video shows one end of the rope tied to the cat’s neck and other end of the rope to a motorbike. The motorbike is then seen being driven at a high speed, effectively dragging the cat on the road.

Many have expressed anger over the video. They have also raised concern over the lack of action by relevant authorities over an act of animal torture.

As per Section 625 of the Maldivian Penal Code, a person commits an offense if he or she cruelly mistreats an animal or neglects an animal in custody.

The offense dictates a jail sentence of one month and six days.

Over 500 illegally imported birds being put down by Fisheries Ministry had recently triggered outrage as well.