City Council apologizes for dumping waste outside WAMCO’s gates

Male' City Council unloads a truck full of waste in front of WAMCO's gates on September 16, 20201. (Photo/Reader Contribution)

Male’ City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh apologized on Thursday, after council workers dropped off waste collected from the streets of the Maldivian capital outside Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO)’s gates. 

A video shared by a Twitter user shows a council truck unloading waste collected from the streets of Male’ City in front of WAMCO office on Thursday morning. 

Nareesh said the incident resulted from miscommunication between council and WAMCO workers. But the council had collected the waste as soon as they learnt of the incident. 

Nareesh said that he nevertheless acknowledges that it had been an uncivilized act, and apologizes for it. 

“I believe it was a very uncivilized act. This happened from the hands of our employees. We offer sincere apologies on behalf of the council, he said. 

Male’ City Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, who is currently on an official visit to Turkey, also described the incident as “uncivilized”.

“This is an uncivilized act that should not have been done under any circumstances. We will do everything necessary to ensure this does not happen again,” he said in a tweet.

WAMCO is expected to address the issue in a press conference scheduled for later this afternoon.