Guesthouses be inspected for compliance with COVID rules

Tourists at Velana International Airport. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

Health Protection Agency (HPA) is scheduled to begin mass inspections of guesthouses in residential islands in a crackdown on violation of COVID-19 guidelines regarding check-in of international tourists. 

HPA announced on Tuesday that it has been receiving reports of tourists being allowed to stay in guesthouses in violation of guidelines. 

HPA said it will start mass inspection on Wednesday to investigate such reports and take action against establishments found in violation of guidelines. 

The mass inspections will be conducted by HPA in collaboration with Immigration, police, Tourism Ministry, Economic Ministry and Local Government Authority in Male’ and in residential islands outside the capital. 

According to the latest HPA guidelines, only fully vaccinated tourists who received their last vaccine dose at least 14 days before will be allowed to check-in to guesthouses residential islands. 

While tourists who aren’t fully vaccinated are prohibited from checking in to guesthouses in residential islands as a general rule, exemptions are allowed if respective islands meet specific vaccination coverage targets. The targets are: 

  • 60 percent of the total population in the island must be fully vaccinated 
  • 95 percent of people in the island involved in providing services to tourists must be fully vaccinated 
  • 90 percent of people above the age of 65 years in the island must be vaccinated 

HPA has instructed those with enquiries regarding the planned inspections to call 7264574 between 09:00-18:00 hours, except Fridays. Complaints can be submitted to [email protected]