61kg drug bust: Hearings of four suspects postponed

Criminal Court. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

The hearings of four suspects out of the 11 arrested in connection to 61.06 kilos of drugs seized from a local fishing boat in March 2020 has been postponed once again.

The drugs had been seized from the boat Iruali on March 26.

11 people were arrested in connection to the case. Seven were arrested from the fishing boat itself, and four were arrested from Male’ City and suburban Hulhumale’. All eleven have prior records of drug-related offenses.

  1. Mohamed Rishvan Ibrahim, Mushthareege, M. Muli
  2. Ahmed Visam, M. Boilingfish, Male’ City
  3. Mohamed Maaish, M. Maakolhu, Male’ City
  4. Hussain Sunaz, Sosun Villa, M. Muli
  5. Mohamed Hameed, Guldhasthaage, G. Dh. Rathafandhoo
  6. Mohamed Maaidh, Ocean View, M. Kolhufushi
  7. Ahmed Shifaz, Hulhumale’ flat 6-G-4
  8. Abdulla Sham, Ma. Boalhakinkirimaage, Male’ City
  9. Mohamed Nasheed, Hudhufinifenmaage, M. Muli
  10. Mohamed Shamin, Ma. Virah, Male’ City
  11. Saudhulla Rasheed, M. Capricorn, Male’ City

In a preliminary hearing of the case held at Criminal Court today, the proceedings of four suspects have been postponed due to their lawyers being unable to attend the hearing.

The four suspects whose proceedings were delayed today are Mohamed Nasheed, Mohamed Hameed, Mohamed Maaidh and the alleged ring leader of the group Ahmed Visam.

In concluding today’s hearing, the Judge had noted that the proceedings against these four suspects will be scheduled for another date.

During today’s hearings, six suspects (Mohamed Rishwan Ibrahim, Hussain Sunaz, Ahmed Shifaz, Abdulla Shaam, Mohamed Maish and Saudhulla Rasheed) were given the chance to respond to the charges against him – following which all of them had pleaded not guilty.

Mohamed Shamin who is also charged in the case has been conditionally released from custody for medical treatment.

All 11 suspects are being charged with trafficking diamorphine (heroin) out of which seven are also being charged with additional drug-related offenses.