Nasheed: MDP’s best option is to seek Yameen’s help

Former Maldivian presidents Mohamed Nasheed (R) and Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom (C). (File Photo/President's Office)

MDP leader, former President Mohamed Nasheed states the best option for the ruling party is to seek help from the opposition leader, former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

Nasheed made the statement in a message to a Whatsapp group of MDP members on Thursday.

In his message, Nasheed said he believes the best option for Maldives and MDP itself is to seek help from Yameen to form a coalition between MDP and PPM.

He stressed that PPM must undergo certain reforms first before a coalition can be formed, including abandoning its anti-India rhetoric and pledging support for the government’s hate speech bill.

“I believe the best option for Maldives and this party that certain changes come to PPM - changes that can be agreed on which will see the party move away from the ‘India Out’ philosophy, support the hate speech bill, and agree to music, and seek assistance from President Yameen to form a MDP-PPM coalition to run the government based on these standards,” he said.

Nasheed has previously stated that he can no longer remain politically aligned with President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, and that he will seek support from PPM and Yameen if they support moderate Islam.

However, interim leader of the opposition coalition, PNC leader Abdul Raheem Abdulla and other top opposition politicians have stated they are unwilling to work with Nasheed.

“Asking for President Yameen’s assistance while continuing the abuses against him – this doesn’t match up,” Abdul Raheem told Sun.

In a press conference on Tuesday, PPM deputy leader, Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam said Nasheed and MDP’s philosophy and Yameen and PPM’s philosophy are as different as sky and ground.

Shiyam said PPM has no intention of working with Nasheed, and that his best option is to inject his philosophy into a new party.