HRCM: One in every three women face domestic violence in Maldives

Members of HRCM (from L-R) Dr. Ahmed Adham Abdulla, Moomina Waheed and Aminath Shifaath Abdul Razzaq. (Photo/President's Office)

Member of the Human Right Commission of the Maldives (HRCM), Moomina Waheed, has stated that one in every three women is a victim of domestic violence in the Maldives.

The statement was made whilst speaking regarding mental health at the ‘Havaasa’ program broadcasted by Dhivehi Channel last night. Moomina explained that researches indicate that such women suffer blows to their mental wellbeing due to the psychological distress resulting from domestic violence. She further explained that this leads to mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, requiring medication.

Moomina also acknowledged that men also face domestic violence. Nevertheless, women are more susceptible and in need of protection in society.

She further noted that a research conducted by the Health Ministry in 2003 to identify the number of people in need of mental healthcare in the country indicates that the number of people living with mental health disorders have increased significantly since then.

Member of HRCM, Shifaath Abdul Razzaq, also spoke on the program. Noting that both genders of people require mental wellness, she highlights that the issues faced by women cause more serious mental health disorders as women take on responsibilities such as looking after children and the elderly.

Shifaath further explained the equal importance of mental well-being and physical well-being to achieve good health. In line with this, she encourages people to seek out professionals when faced with mental illnesses just as one would if it were a physical illness.