Man arrested after scamming more than MVR 60,000

Cash recovered by Police from a crime. (Photo/Police)

A man who impersonated Bank of Maldives officials to scam more than MVR 60,000 from people, has been placed in remand for a period of 15 days. 

The individual, named Jaufar Waheed (34) from H. Kaaly, was arrested by police last Thursday for running the scam which involved other individuals as well. 

His remand was ordered by the court last Friday. The court order read that he was accused of scamming a large amount of money from people. The court order also read that Jaufar called people, impersonating Bank of Maldives officials to scam money from them. 

Police even submitted CCTV footage of Jaufar near an ATM, to his remand hearing. 

Jaufar said that he had withdrawn cash from an ATM, upon the request of another. The court order, however, cited a criminal record of Jaufar having previously committed and been accused of similar crimes. 

A police media official, when questioned by Sun, said that Jaufar is being accused of scamming a total of MVR 60,186. Sun has also confirmed that Jaufar has a past criminal record of eight convictions and even served sentences. 

Jaufar stated in his remand hearing, that he was a drug addict who was receiving method-on treatment. He said that being detained impeded his rehabilitation which caused him difficulties. 

Scamming attempts by impersonating bank officials are a common occurrence in the Maldives. Such crimes have persisted despite multiple awareness campaigns. Bank of Maldives has previously stated that the bank will never contact customers requesting for the account or card information and requested to remain wary to such scamming attempts.