Toy declared most listened artist of 2020

Mohamed Nabeel Niyaz (Toy): He has been declared the top artist of 2020. (Photo/Lavafoshi)

Rap artist Mohamed Nabeel Niyaz (Toy) was the most listened artist of 2020 through the local music streaming service Lavafoshi.

Toy, an artist from Maldives’ first hip-hop label Symbolic Records, came out on top of the list with 919,916 plays.

The second most listened artist was Ali Rameez with 792,608 plays. The retired artist had been the second on the list in 2019 as well.

Rap artist Mohamed Mahid (Maatu), who had topped the list back in 2019 with 1.1 million plays, placed third on the 2020 list with 497,524.

Symbolic Records dominated the list in 2020 as well, with four artists on the 2020 top 10.


  1. Toy (919,916 plays)
  2. Ali Rameez (792,608 plays)
  3. Maatu (497,524 plays)
  4. Pest (359,005 plays)
  5. Umar Zahir (318,017 plays)
  6. Thuthu Park (237,7740 plays)
  7. Tro (193,692 plays)
  8. Rydey (183,570 plays)
  9. Blueberry Waters (162,172 plays)
  10. Mukhtar (130,546 plays)