Woman injured in domestic violence in Hoarafushi

H. A. Hoarafushi.

A woman who sustained injuries in a case of domestic violence in H. A. Hoarafushi has been transported to Kulhudhuffushi City for treatment.

The incident took place on Tuesday night.

Gender Ministry issued a short statement via its official Twitter account, announcing that the ministry is collaborating with other relevant authorities in response to the case.

“We note that the victim is being provided medical treatment,” said the Gender Ministry.

Gender Ministry added that the authorities have ascertained the protection of the victim’s children.

Hoarafushi Council told Sun the victim was transported to Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital for treatment on Wednesday.

Hoarafushi Council said that the victim was transferred out of the hospital and into a house in Kulhudhuffushi due to COVID-19 measures, but continues to receive additional medical treatment out of the house.

According to the Hoarafushi Council, the victim has a broken finger and has trouble eating and swallowing, but is showing signs of improvement.

She was transferred out of the hospital on Wednesday night.