COVID-19: Hoadedhdhoo cases increase to 44

G. Dh. Hoadedhdhoo.

The Health Center of G.Dh. Hoadedhdhoo has stated that the number of COVID-19 positive cases on the island has increased to 44.

Two others tested positive last night, raising the total number to 44. Out of the positive cases, four had recovered, so the island currently has 38 active cases. Two are being treated at the COVID-19 facility in G.A. Atoll. 

32 houses were placed under monitoring status on the island and a total of 344 samples for the virus were collected. 50 samples are still pending.

The first cases identified in the island were on September 3. The individuals were four people in home-quarantined on the island. Two unlinked cases were then found from the island after random testing. 19 others then tested positive for the virus on September 5. 

Authorities are still investigating how the virus spread to the island. Rumors that the individuals in quarantine on the island had contact with others have not been verified by the HPA.