MMPRC strategizes tourism growth with innovative solutions

Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Managing Director Fathimath Thaufeeq spoke on the strategies to implement innovative solutions using data-driven methodologies and technologies in tourism industry development.

In an interview with BBC, Fathimath had shed light on the Maldivian tourism industry, and MMPRC's focus on diversification and commitment to environmental and economic sustainability.

"In the long run, we are very focused on building a very sustainable strategy using new technologies and tools over the next 10 years," she commented, underscoring Maldives' commitment to sustainable tourism development and experiences.

She also highlighted that the focus on community-based tourism segments, such as guesthouses and boutique hotels, have resulted in socio-economic growth of local islands as well.

"We make sure that the public and the tourists are very well aware of how much we are focused on protecting the environment," Fathimath said.

"We make sure that everyone is aware of the guidelines, and we work hand in hand with stakeholders and the tourism ministry to maintain and sustain our environment."

Highlighting the success of Maldives tourism industry in 2024 so far, she added that the country has crossed over 25 percent of the targeted tourist arrivals for the year, which is over 500,000 arrivals.

She also emphasized the natural beauty the Maldivian islands offered to tourists, which is among the unique selling points of the country's tourism industry.

"The [Maldives] tourism industry catering 80 percent of our revenue means it directly and indirectly affects the people on the islands," the MMPC Managing Director stressed.

Noting the prioritzation on sustainable development, she added that both the Maldives government and MMPRC remain committed in raising awareness among the public and tourists on the important guidelines related to the tourism.