Licenses of two Sheikhs reinstated

Sheikh Adam Nishan bin Ali Adam and Sheikh Fazloon Mohamed

Maldives government reinstates the licences of two Islamic Scholars, Sheikh Fazloon Mohamed and Sheikh Adam Nishan, on Sunday.

Both scholars are suspected to have ties to the riots in Galolhu Football Stadium on June 21st, 2022, where an event held to mark International Yoga Day was disrupted by an angry mob.

An official from the Ministry of Islamic Affairs has confirmed the scholars' reinstatement to 'Sun' media as well.

In the letters sent to both the scholars, the ministry said their licenses to preach have been reinstated after the agreed to comply to the regulations in preaching and spreading dawah.

While the two have agreed to comply with the ministry's conditions, both Fazloon and Nishan were tried with terrorism charges alongside 16 others by the state.