Over one month since Nasheed has been living abroad while on parliament payroll

Central Machangolhi MP Mohamed Nasheed. (Photo/People's Majlis)

Over one month has passed since former president Mohamed Nasheed who is presently the parliamentarian for the Central Mahchangolhi has been living abroad without resigning while on the payroll of the parliament.

Nasheed, who serves as a speaker of the parliament for the majority of the ongoing 19th parliamentary assembly, resigned as speaker after main opposition MDP which holds the majority in the parliament submitted a second no-confidence motion against them. On December 12th of last year, Nasheed announced a hiatus from political work.

He still remains a member of the parliament despite relocating to Ghana on January 30th to serve as the Secretary General of the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF).

He has not attended a parliament sitting for days on an end.

When the Parliament was questioned whether they have been informed anything by Nasheed – Communications Director Hassan Ziyau did not respond.

Meanwhile, Nasheed’s party, The Democrats’ leader Hassan Latheef told Sun that Nasheed still remains a member of the parliament, adding he had relocated abroad after issuing a statement when questioned regarding the matter.

Therewith, Hassan Latheef said he does not need to make any further inquiries regarding the matter in his capacity as the party’s leader. He described Nasheed’s relocation to Ghana as a matter pertaining to his personal life and therewith, said he does not believe Nasheed needs to inform the party or that the party needed to be concerned with it.

The Parliament has previously said that Nasheed relocated to Ghana without informing them.

Ziyau, back then, said Nasheed had not applied for a leave, and will continue to receive his salary for the remaining three months of his term.

Although today marks over month since Nasheed announced a hiatus from politics – he continues to critique Maldivian politics through social media. Meanwhile, his party, The Democrats has strongly criticized parliamentarians for failure to attend sittings while on payroll.