Banksy's anti-war street art stolen in south London, suspect arrested

Banksy artwork depicting drones covers a stop sign in London, UK, on December 22, 2023. (Photo/Reuters)

The latest piece by British artist Banksy, advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, was stolen on Friday less than an hour after it was installed in South London.

A man suspected of stealing Banksy's artwork of a stop sign adorned with three military drones, was arrested Saturday, London police said.

A man in his 20s was in custody on suspicion of theft and criminal damage, the Metropolitan police said.

A characteristic blend of social commentary and art that Banksy is known for, the work of street art was plastered on a stop sign, depicting three military aircraft resembling US-made MQ-1 predators.

Predator drones have been deployed in conflicts across the Middle East, playing roles in wars such as those in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria.

Unconventional approach to art

Images and videos circulating online captured the theft, with the perpetrator employing pliers to forcibly detach the sign from its post.

An accomplice assisted in the removal, with the two individuals making their escape as onlookers observed the heist.

Banksy, with a substantial following of over 12 million on Instagram, had shared an image of the artwork on his website and social media accounts shortly before the incident.

The artist is renowned for his unconventional approach to art, often blurring the lines between public installations and performance art.

The unveiling of the new piece coincided with heightened tensions surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict, where world leaders found themselves at odds over demands for a ceasefire in Gaza, pummeled by weeks of Israeli attacks that have left over 20,000 dead.


Source: TRT