Trucks transporting aid from Maldives enter Gaza

Officials of International Aid Campaign (IAC) provide aid to Palestinians in besieged Gaza. (Photo/IAC)

International Aid Campaign (IAC) states trucks transporting various aid items from Maldivians have entered Gaza.

IAC, in a post on X, the trucks had first gone to the Israeli border for inspections.

They detailed that the trucks, following inspection, were permitted to enter Gaza from the Karim Abu Salih crossing, located at the junction of the Gaza-Israel and Gaza-Egypt borders.

IAC added that they will be delivering the aid items to Gaza citizens and the relevant authorities in the upcoming days, which they will update the public on.

An IAC official based in Palestine said the trucks entered Gaza on the day after four-day truce came into effect after 49 days of non-stop bombardment from Israeli forces.

The official, noting that these trucks are carrying medical equipment, medication and food amongst other aid, said these items from Maldivians will provide an easement to the difficulties presently faced by Palestinians.

The official also said Palestinians were extremely grateful for the aid provided.