Police enter FAM house as part of probe into finances

Police entering FAM house under the order of PG office, in relation to money laundering allegations on October 22, 2023.

Police have raided the Football Association of Maldives (FAM) building 'FAM House' to investigate multiple cases filed against FAM, related to its finances. 

Sun can confirm through reliable sources that police entered the FAM House on Sunday morning at the instructions of the Prosecutor General's Office (PG Office), to investigate multiple cases related to its finances. 

PG Office, underscoring Maldives has close relations with foreign countries and international organizations that have always placed high trust and confidence in state institutions, stressed it was directly in the interest of the nation to ensure these institutions conform to the values of integrity and fairness. 

In light of this, the PG Office said Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem was concerned over allegations made against FAM claiming funds dispersed by international agencies, under stipulated regulations and policies, are being used to commit crimes or to facilitate crimes in violation of the rules and laws in force in the Maldives. 

Therefore, PG Office has instructed Police to investigate if there is any money laundering, embezzlement, corruption, or any other criminal offense committed by senior officials of the association at any point, and submit for prosecution, if there is any individual that can be charged in connection to the crimes. 

FAM House, formerly FAM administrative building located in front of MIFCO, has been the target of allegations of corruption in the past as well. 

The police raid of FAM house comes at a time they remain at the end of many corruption allegations. Many football officials have claimed cases of corruption within FAM, with the association's president Bassam Adheel Jaleel spearheading these efforts. The association is also knee-deep in debt. 

The impact of FAM's failure to host league competitions regularly on the national football team is clearly evident. After hailing as the second-strongest team in South Asia, they are now struggling to produce results against weaker teams such as Nepal and Bangladesh.

The association has not been able to pay its employees on a regular basis either. Additionally, they are also in hot water with FIFA over the non-payment of salaries to former national team technical staff. 

Two members of the executive committee have also recently resigned due to persistent issues within FAM; Hussain Shafiu (Kokki), CEO of Maziya Sports and Recreation Club, who was the vice-president, and Muaviyath Khaleel (Muabe), a member of the executive committee and president of Club Green Streets.