Final list of recipients of over 4,000 land plots from Addu publicized

Addu City. (Photo/Times of Addu)

With the decision to award land plots to all eligible applicants – the final list of recipients of 4,052 land plots from Addu City’s Hithadhoo, Feydhoo, Meedhoo and Hulhudhoo districts has been publicized.

As per an announcement by Addu City Council – the handover of land plots to recipients on the list will be carried out in phases. In this regard, 1,000 land plots from four districts will be handed over during the first phase; 500 from Hithadhoo, 300 from Feydhoo, 100 from Meedhoo and 100 from Hulhudhoo.

They detailed that the handover of land plots under the second phase will be carried out after formulating land use plans and completing surveys on the new land which will be added to districts.

Addu City Council said their goal was to complete the handover of land plots to all recipients on the list before the end of June next year.

Category A land recipients include 2,145 individuals from Hithadhoo, 860 individuals from Feydhoo, 271 individuals from Meedhoo and 231 individuals from Hulhudhoo.

Meanwhile, Category B land recipients include 295 individuals from Hithadhoo, 179 individuals from Feydhoo, 34 individuals from Meedhoo and 37 individuals from Hulhudhoo.

Addu City Council states administrative works related to the handover of the 1,000 land plots under the first phase will be completed before the end of November, while the handover of the land will be completed before the end of December.