Registration opens for DhiraaguTV customers to switch to SSNET


Registration has been opened for DhiraaguTV customers that wish to switch to SSNET – a new cable TV service that offers nationwide coverage.

Dhiraagu sent an SMS to its DhiraaguTV customers announcing the opening of registration on Saturday.

DhiraaguTV service will stop at 00:00 hours on January 30. In the SMS sent Saturday, Dhiraagu explained the registration process and the link to register to SSNET.

Registering to SSNET will allow existing DhiraaguTV customers to enjoy uninterrupted cable TV service.

Sun Siyam Media's COO Mohamed Asif (C) with some of the company's staff holding the SS Media rebroadcasting license on December 1, 2022. (Sun Photo)

SSNET, which has license to provide nationwide cable TV service in Maldives, will begin operations on January 30.

Existing DhiraaguTV customers do not need to pay an additional fee for make the switch, and can continue to use their set-top box.

Mohamed Asif (Mondhu), the COO of Sun Siyam Media – which manages SSNET – said the service offers both local channels and popular international channels.

Additional information regarding the service can be clarified by calling SSNET’s call center at 1633.