Nominations open for Rehendhi Award 2023

First Lady Fazna Ahmed (L) presenting the Rehendhi Award to one of the recipients during a special ceremony held on Tuesday, March 23, 2022. (Photo/ President's Office)

Gender Ministry has opened nominations for ‘Rehendhi Award 2023’.

Annually conferred since 2014, ‘Rehendhi Award’ is aimed at recognizing the work of women in different categories on a national level.

Gender Ministry states that the award is also conferred to recognize the role of women in national and community development and to recognize individuals, organizations and associations advocating the rights of women and empowering women.

This year’s categories;

1) For nominations from individuals, organizations and associations

  1. Leadership and governance
  2. Economic empowerment
  3. Social empowerment
  4. Women in non-traditional roles

2) Institutional gender mainstreaming – for nominations from employers and organizations  

3) For nominations from Women’s Development Committees      

Nominations for the award can be submitted before 14:00pm on February 13th.

The application form and guidelines for the award can be viewed on Gender Ministry’s website – while the application form is also accessible on the government gazette.

A total of eight people were presented ‘Rehendhi Award’ in 2022.