‘Happu’, a new Dhivehi guess-the-word game, available on Moolee

‘Happu’, a new Dhivehi guess-the-word game, is available on Moolee for free nationwide delivery. (Photo/Ooredoo Maldives)

‘Happu’, a new Dhivehi guess-the-word game, is now available on Ooredoo Maldives’ ecommerce platform Moolee with free nationwide delivery.

The game is intended for ages 7+, but can be equally enjoyed by adults.

The fun new addition family game nights will include a set of 200 words with four additional ‘happu’ words for each of these words, making for a perfect tool to improve the vocabulary of children and sharpen their speaking skills.

How to play: The players make two teams. The first player tries to explain the word on the top of the card to the teammates without using the ‘happu’ words below it. Each correct guess is a point for the team and the team tries to collect as many cards as possible before the two-minute timer runs out.

If a player accidentally mentions a ‘happu’ word, team two, which will be spying on the card, will sound the boat buzzer and grab the card as a point for their team.

Once the timer runs out, team two plays.

Each team counts their cards to determine the winner.

‘Happu’ is a great game that can be enjoyed with family and friends, especially during the upcoming Ramadan.