Customs: Revenue from Import increase, export drops in December

Male' Commercial Port. (Photo/Customs)

Maldives Custom Services revealed that the revenue earned from goods imported in December 2021 increased, while export revenue dropped. 

According to the statistics publicised by Customs, in December 2021 goods worth MVR 327 million was exported while in 2020 in the same period goods worth MVR 457 million was exported. This was a 28 percent drop in exports. 

Various types of fish are exported from Maldives, with the most number of exports made to Thailand. The list also includes Germany, Moraceous, United Kingdom and Japan.  

Looking at imports, a 78 percent increase was noted compared to December of 2020 and 2021. In  December 2021, goods worth MVR 4.5 billion were imported while in December 2020 it was only MVR 2.5 billion, an increase of 78 percent. 

Top of the imported goods list is foods and fuel. 

The highest imports for December 2021 were made from:

-  UAE: MVR 713 million 

- China: MVR 575 million

- India: MVR 504 million

Moreover, Customs revealed that a 23 percent increase was recorded for revenue earned from income earned from various duty's and fees taken from goods imported. In December 2021 a total of MVR 296 million was earned, while in December 2020, MVR 364 was earned.