Bar Council investigates Nazim Sattar for misconduct

Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar.

The Bar Council has opened an investigation against Ahmed Nazim Abdul Sattar, an attorney-at-law, for misconduct. 

In a letter on Thursday, the Bar Council informed Nazim that the misconduct allegation was lodged against him by Mahal Tours Pvt. Ltd.’s Managing Director Mohamed Shiham. 

It pertains to Nazim’s representation of Save the Dreams Maldives in a dispute in High Court over Rihiveli Beach Resort on K. Mahaanaelhihuraa. 

Mahal Tours accused Nazim of posting about how hearings in the case are scheduled in social media and tagging the presiding judge in the case in the posts as an attempt to influence the judge. 

The company said Nazim’s actions were in violation of the code of conduct for lawyers. 

Bar Council said that following a meeting of the executive committee to discuss the allegation, the council had decided to investigate Nazim for misconduct. 

Nazim has been asked to submit documents and information of witnesses he wished to present as his defense to the Bar Council by Wednesday, January 19. 

Nazim has responded that the lower court issued its verdict in the case on August 31 and the High Court registered the case on September 13 last year. 

“There’s no case in any court that can be influenced with tweets I posted during this period,” he said.