Woman arrested in connection to sexual assault at Galolhu School released from custody

Galolhu School. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Aiman Ali)

The woman who was arrested over the sexual assault of a four-year-old preschooler at Galolhu School – has been released from police custody.

Identified as a 63-year-old, the woman was arrested in connection to the sexual assault under the court order on Monday.  According to the law, those who are detailed under a court order can only be kept in custody for 24-hours. This timeframe can only be extended if the court decides so.

Police Spokesperson told Sun that the woman was released from custody after the Prosecutor General’s Office had advised that they saw no reason to keep her in custody.

A media official from Criminal Court confirmed to Sun that the woman was not brought before the court to extend her remand period.

The sexual assault of a four-year-old girl at a school in Male’ City was reported to authorities in mid-October.

The assault took place inside the school’s toilet – and the victim had identified her assailant as a female caretaker at the school; however, was unable to pinpoint the specific caretaker.

There weren't any CCTV cameras installed at the school when the assault took place.

Subsequently, on Saturday, Galolhu School announced that they had installed CCTV cameras inside the premises and suspended all female caretakers. The school also told that students will be escorted to the toilet by teachers. 

Education Ministry said that they have been investigating the assault as a serious matter upon it being brought to the school’s attention. Statements have been taken from a number of individuals over the case – including senior officials from Galolhu School.