Over 4,500 nautical miles covered in search for missing boy at sea

A Coastguard ship travels rough seas. (Photo/MNDF)

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) has stated that a large area has been covered in the search for the boy who went missing after being thrown overboard from a launch that was traveling from Male’ City to V. Fulidhoo.

The incident took place on the evening of October 16. The boy’s mother, who was also thrown overboard from the launch, had passed away.

MNDF noted that they have been working around the clock to find the boy, by air and by sea as well. In this regard, they detailed that 131 square kilometers have been searched via sea today itself.

They also added that over 4,500 nautical miles have been searched via air – by utilizing MNDF’s Dornier flight.

The boat, Dream Speed 2, was traveling from Male’ City to V. Fulidhoo, on Saturday, when it began taking in water off the coast of Olhuveli Resort. Three passengers were thrown overboard out of which two were located.

Police said that authorities were informed that the speedboat was taking in water off the coast of Olhuveli resort at 05:06pm on Saturday. Upon receiving the report –MNDF’s Coast Guard arrived at the scene at around 06:00 and commenced rescue efforts.

MNDF has urged seafarers to take caution and has advised against travel unless absolutely necessary as the Maldives continues to experience heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas – some of which have resulted in fatalities.