President Solih’s loyalists triumph MDP’s Council of Appellate Judges elections

A capture from an MDP's National Council convening held prior.

Members have been elected to the Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) Council of Appellate Judges.

MDP’s Council of Appellate Judges is comprised of nine members in total. In the elections held last night, 18 candidates contested for seats in the Council.

Out of the 18 candidates contesting – nine were allegedly loyal to President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih whereas the remaining nine were loyal to Parliament Speaker, MDP’s Leader Mohamed Nasheed.

Prior to the elections, President Solih’s brother-in-law, Alifushi MP Mohamed Rasheed Hussain (Big-A) and Nasheed were reportedly working to elect specific candidates belonging to their respective factions to the Council of Appellate Judges.

The elections held last night were triumphed by candidates belonging to President Solih’s faction.

Candidates elected to MDP’s Council of Appellate Judges

Candidate Number 7:  Ahmed Rishwan (71 votes)

Candidate Number 8: Fathimath Inaasha (66 votes)

Candidate Number 9: Hussain Rasheed (66 votes)

Candidate Number 10: Ibrahim Mohamed Didi (66 votes)

Candidate Number 11: Ahmed Mauroof (67 votes)

Candidate Number 12: Naushad Abdul Azeez (63 votes)

Candidate Number 14: Ahmed Nishad (65 votes)

Candidate Number 16: Adam Ahir (65 votes)

Candidate Number 18: Anas Abdul Sattar (76 votes)

A total of 120 members of MDP's National Council voted in last night’s elections. The total vote count tallied up to 1,035. Four votes were counted invalid.