Maldivian COVID-19 patient in Sri Lanka passes away

Funeral processions of a COVID-19 patient in Sri Lanka. (Photo/AP)

A Maldivian COVID-19 patient being treated at Sri Lanka has passed away due to complications.

Foreign Ministry noted that the High Commission of Maldives in Sri Lanka is currently providing the deceased’s family with the consular services they require.

In addition to this, Foreign Ministry urged all Maldivians residing in Sri Lanka at the moment to adhere to the safety guidelines set out by the Sri Lankan government – as the COVID-19 situation in the country is deteriorating at quick speed.

Sri Lanka was brought under lockdown on August 21. Reports indicate that over 3,000 people are testing positive for COVID-19 with a span of a day. The number of deaths being recorded has also significantly increased.

Sri Lanka is a neighboring country at which a large number of Maldivians reside. Although the country was one of the first to see major improvements to their COVID-19 situation in South Asia – the situation had quickly taken a turn for the worse when the delta variant had hit.