Tree Top Hospital begins to offer Hearing Aid Services

Tree Top Hospital, Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Tree Top Hospital has begun offering high-quality Hearing Aid services. 

The hospital offers Hearing Aids with the latest modern features such as speech clarity, fast Bluetooth connectivity, convenient rechargeability, soothing noise cancellation, and even custom-made hearing aid services for guests requiring a special device. NSPA covers the cost of the Hearing Aid device. Charges are, however, applied for the trial and consultation if required.  

In order to prepare for a hearing aid, the first step is making an appointment with an ENT Consultant to get a referral for the Hearing Aid service. Tree Top Hospital accepts external referrals as well. 

A hearing test with an Audiologist will be arranged for the guest afterward. During the hearing test, the Audiologist will assess the guest’s hearing level and will choose an appropriate selection of hearing aids for the guest to choose from.

Cosmetically appealing custom-made hearing aids are offered to guests with certain types of hearing loss. The Audiologist will determine the type of hearing aids based on the guests hearing threshold. 

Finally a trial with this selection of Hearing Aids will be arranged. During this trial,, the Audiologist will confirm the best fit and client satisfaction. 

Tree Top Hospital offers Phonak brand hearing aids from Switzerland. Phonak offers high-quality devices, with exceptional hearing clarity, and is highly recommended internationally.   

The hospital also offers expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of hearing issues as well as clinical care by highly trained and experienced Consultants and Specialists. 

For more information please call 3351610 or email [email protected]